BarbaraDeaf has created many paintings, illustrations, and textile designs. Commissioned work is available in a variety of media from the fine arts, such as acrylic and oil on canvas, to digital arts such as illustration, posters, and brochures.

BarbaraDeaf creates works of art you will cherish from small to large paintings or murals and custom projects to fill your life with color. BarbaraDeaf enjoys working with clients to create paintings with a special theme or palette.

Usually, several sketches/concepts are created first, based upon a client’s request. After reviewing them, a final draft is selected. A final image from sketch would be executed onto canvas, paper, bags, boards, and more. Depending on its content, details, size, and framing, original BarbaraDeaf pieces are priced by project.

Inquire for your next one-of-a-kind Deaf art piece.